Me and my strength no one else

Me, My strength


Let’s Go for a Walk

love this. It reminded me when I was a kid and took my dogs out for a walk. The reaction and experience was a carbon-copy of the good old days.

Patty Ryan Lee

This week’s challenge was a perfect way for me to get my feet wet. It’s been so long since I picked up the camera for anything personal. So tired of the profession and business, I forgot what taking pictures for me felt like.

My art has suffered in my own absence. But, no less, here is my response to the challenge: Multimedia Storytelling.

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Times have changed time doesn’t stop…

My daughter can’t wait till Christmas.   All she talks about is the Christmas tree and the names in the drawing hat.  The thing is I don’t have any money to buy anything for Christmas.  I wish that Christmas would just be another day we don’t have to think about.  Christmas has become so commercialized.  Thats all the kids think about is what they will get for Christmas. Ok, ok I thought about that too when I was a kid.  I am an Athiest, I do believe Jesus did exist and he may have done good for the people.  But the whole thing now isn’t even about him.  We celebrate Columbus Day more than we do Jesus.  “Buy a new car on Black Friday!” “Save! Save! SAVE,!” Merry Christmas, what?  I remember when I was a kid, I would love the Christmas time because that was the time my family of six sang and ate and weny for a drive to see all the lights on peoples houses.
Now, it isn’t like that.  I don’t feel connected to anyone.  Those days wrre the best I had this time of year.   Now, I just don’t want any part of it.
I just bear the best I can…meanwhile my kids don’t know.

College after 35

This August I started college.  Just thought I’d try it out one more time, if I don’t succeed at least I tried, right?  I know it sounds corny. I am in the beginners classes based on my assessment test.  I wasn’t surprised with the math course because I know that math is my worst subject.   Now that the end of the semester is peering at me behind the first looong break, I have succeeded at least making it through this far without bailing. I have been known to do that when times get tough academically.   I thought that if I go this time I will take my time through my frustrations with any course I take.  I understand now that I learn differently than others and I have to embrace that and chug along.  So far I have done just that with a few bumps in the road.  I am not done yet, I have a week left and the tests that I am taking will make me or break me.  I hope that they will make me for motivation to move along and finish for my Associates Degree.  I have my fingers crossed, and hopes high.


I was going to participate in a short story contest but after reading some of the stories that won the last contest and got really intimated so now I am reading the thesaurus.  In hopes that I might grow a bit in my vocabulary.  
Ever since I started English in college, I’ve either wanted to write a fiction or poetry.  English literature is so inspiring.   The authors who sat down and wrote these beautiful publications are motivators to me.
I know I have a lot of work to do before I am fully ready to start writing anything.  I want to write to captivate my readers. To make believe anything is possible.  First I have to believe that anything is possible.
Untill I have the knowledge to pursue the writing I am aiming to do.  Reading anything and everything is where to start…

Set In Stone

I found you
You are safe
Still alive, in anothers heart
After A decade apart
I can not lie
I hurt to know
How long you’ve wed
You are strong now
I can see
I wondered what you
thought when you heard from me
I felt content you are ok
In love with another
You have commit
I silently say my goodbye
Only memories float on by
I will always love you
Set in Stone
Never to be weather
Always known

The Cold…

Today is cold and snowy.  I knew this was coming and also knew that I had to walk my kids to school today. It was breezy so my legs got numb from walking into the wind. The rest of me was fine. Still after half hour my thighs are cold like inside like the muscle was frosen and is taking so long to defrost; which is a weird feeling.
I think I’m going to buy some long underwear so I won’t have to have this feeling again.